Thursday, October 30, 2014

Info Needed on Rash of Burglaries in the County

The Winston County Sheriff’s Dept. is investigating a rash of burglaries that have occurred over the past few days. Sheriff’s Dept. investigators are investigating 7 burglaries that have occurred since Sunday night. One residence that entry was made into was occupied by an 84 yr. old woman. No harm was done to her as the suspect fled from the residence. Items such as laptop computers, televisions, jewelry and guns were taken. If anyone has any information pertaining to these burglaries please call the Winston County Sheriff’s Dept. at (662) 773-5881 or Crimestoppers at(662) 773-9999.

LPD Asks for Public's Help - Eiland Middle School Burglaries and Vandalism

The Louisville Police Department and Winston County CrimeStoppers are asking for your assistance in the following ongoing investigations:

On October 8, 2014, Louisville PD responded to Eiland Middle School to find that the 5th grade hall had been vandalized and several items taken. Entry was made on the north entry of the alternative/5th grade hall. Items taken include:

Laptop Latitude XT2
Serial # 3CVYPP1

Apple IPad - white
Serial # DLXG49M3DKPH

Camcorder= HandyCam
Model # DCR-DVD610

On October 25, 2014 Eiland Middle School was burglarized and vandalized. A window was broken to gain access and glass windows in classrooms and the library were broken as well.  The  thieves took the following items:
  1. 2 Dell Laptop
  2. 1 Vizio 55" Tv
  3. 1 Playstation 3
  4. 1 Google Chrome Cast Adaptor
  5. 1 Apple to Device
  6. $30.00 in change
If you have any information on these crimes, please contact the Louisville Police Department at 662-773-3511 or Winston County CrimeStoppers at 662-773-9999