Friday, July 8, 2016

Sheriff's Office Searching for 3 Juveniles Involved in Strong Arm Robbery

The Winston County Sheriff's Office is searching for 3 suspects in a strong arm robbery that occurred at 7:15 pm last night (Thursday) on Youngs' Crossing Road near the intersection with Hwy 15. It is believed that the suspects are juveniles in the 12-16 year age range.

The victim stopped his vehicle for 3 black youth on the roadside. One suspect pulled a handgun and demanded that the victim take them to a residence further down the road. The suspects entered the vehicle and in the process, stole a 9 mm black and pink handgun from the glove compartment.

At some point, the victim suddenly hit his brakes and the 3 juveniles bailed from the vehicle and fled from the scene. In the process of flight, the handgun initially used in the robbery was dropped by one of the suspect and is in the possession of WCSD.

The suspects were described as 3 black males, one appeared to be as young as 12-13 years old, two others appeared to by in the 15-16 year old range. WCSD is working with the victim to identify these youth. If you have any information on this crime or these juveniles, please contact the Winston County Sheriff's Office at 662-773-5881    or Winston County CrimeStoppers at 662-773-9999. Calls to CrimeStoppers are anonymous and a cash reward is possible